Herrick Fang

Github Pages to Cloudflare Workers

  • Created: 26 Nov 2023
  • Modified: 26 Nov 2023

Orginally, this site lived on github pages. Surprisingly, I’ve had this version for the last 6 years. I still think it works, but now I’m ready to add more content again. Half a year ago, I made some small changes (no posts) but haven’t been back since. At that time, github pages still ran a workflow when I changed that master branch. Recently, I checked the clause for github pages and it seems like only pro accounts get free access unless you make the repository public. sigh Free things online don’t last forever.

So, I decided to move this to another platform. It now lives in Cloudflare pages, which seems to have ~500 free builds at the time of this writing. While deploying, I ran into an issue where scss styles don’t build properly. It yielded this error:

/opt/buildhome/.asdf/installs/ruby/3.2.2/lib/ruby/gems/3.2.0/gems/jekyll-sass-converter-1.5.2/lib/jekyll/converters/scss.rb:123:in `rescue in convert': Invalid US-ASCII character "\xE2" on line 5 (Jekyll::Converters::Scss::SyntaxError)

So, I added the following environment variable to the deployment:


For some reason, LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 didn’t work becaues the locale was missing. I didn’t really look into it too much after the other environment variable worked.

Now, I’m back up and running. Time to add more content regularly again!