Herrick Fang

Guilds and Coffeehouses

  • Created: 22 May 2020
  • Modified: 22 May 2020


Imagine communities forming for a specific purpose but adding structure for successful maintenance. It may be that a city is the correct abstraction.


Imagine communal spaces where you go in to barter and just talk about anything kinda like the old English Coffeehouses. It doesn’t seem like these spaces exist yet. I feel that these would be the most useful if they are sponsored by the government as public spaces for communities to gather and access. It’s almost like a park, but indoor, maintained, and open. The closest thing I can think of are libraries in modern times, but they’re too quiet for a strong transmission effect. Alternatively, there exists the whole online dimension of Discord, Mattermost, or Slack communities. While these are very powerful and successful, they lack the human connection that people crave by our nature.